Rubber& Tire

Tires are the only parts of a vehicle that come into contact with the ground, affecting the vehicle's handling, comfort, and safety. OiSmart has deeply cultivated the tire manufacturing field, integrating 3D vision inspection technology closely with tire production processes. Specifically designed for various tire production stages such as extrusion, bead wire, cutting, molding, and vulcanization, they have independently developed a series of vision inspection solutions. With a profound understanding of tire production processes, customer focal points, and years of onsite project experience, OiSmart has developed a series of standard equipment using their proprietary 3D sensors and 3D vision software platform as the core. This equipment can be rapidly deployed and used by companies, while also offering highly flexible customized solutions based on the company's budget and production realities. This comprehensively meets various tire inspection needs, helping tire manufacturing enterprises reduce production costs, enhance automation levels, and optimize quality management.

Plan AdvantagesPlan Advantages
  • Standardized measurement devices are used in all production stages

  • Supporting customization from inspection logic to software and structural design

  • New products are constantly being developed

Semi-finished product section

  • Splice Check
  • Bead Filler Inspection
  • Tread Width Measurement
  • Zero-degree Cap Ply Measurement
  • Bead Roundness Inspection
  • Rubber Cutting Angle Measurement
  • Cutting Defect Inspection
  • Inner liner Thickness Measurement

Tire molding section

Vulcanization section

Final Product Section

  • Quiet Tire Adhesive Coating Inspection

In Development

  • X-ray Wire Density Inspection
  • Vulcanization Mold Character Inspection
  • Tire Exterior Inspection
  • Uniformity Measurement