Automobile Manufacturing

In the process of manufacturing automobile engines, sand casting is used for production, and the quality of the sand core is one of the most important factors affecting engine quality.

Automotive Engine Sand Core InspectionAutomotive Engine Sand Core Inspection
Industry Challenges and Needs

The varied appearance and complex structure of sand cores make traditional manual inspection difficult to ensure accuracy and timeliness. 2D inspection fails to capture the height information of the object, whereas 3D laser scanning technology enables non-contact, online, high-precision inspection, offering significant comparative advantages.


Based on the principle of laser triangulation, the use of a 3D high-speed camera combined with an ultra-high precision blue laser enables precise scanning of the sand core's external contours. This method can detect standard geometric dimensions of the sand core, including length, width, and depth (the height difference between the inspection surface and the reference surface).

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GTC series 3D camerasThe OiAirwayCoreX,developed based on the OI-SMART VISION

CMOS sensor; global shutter;

Various features including ROI/Binning;

Flexible control of exposure time (external trigger, free run);

Minimum exposure time of 2μs; resolution of 2048*1080;

Analog/digital gain;

Supports Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision, 2.1/GenICam protocol;

IP67 protection rating.

Thousands of operators at your disposal;

Easy operation for quick workflow setup;

Supports customization of specialized software based on the platform.