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Mobile phones are one of the most widely used smart devices at present. They undergo dozens of production processes, assembling hundreds of electronic components within a very small area. Therefore, the dimensional requirements for each component are extremely strict, and correspondingly, the precision requirements for the inspection of these components are also very high.

Mobile Phone and Component Inspection
Industry Challenges and Needs

As mobile phone manufacturing standards continue to rise, conducting efficient and high-precision inspections of components at every production stage is a crucial choice to effectively reduce the defect rate, improve product quality, and increase customer satisfaction.


Applying 3D laser scanning technology in the mobile manufacturing process can overcome the limitations of 2D visual inspections, which fail to capture Z-axis height information. This allows for precise three-dimensional measurements of various components that make up a mobile phone, obtaining critical dimensions, flatness, height differences, thickness of structural components, and information on missing parts. This helps businesses promptly grasp process data, prevent the influx of defective products into subsequent stations causing quality issues, and support efficient production through high-efficiency inspection.

Measurement Details

Midframe of Phone:Flatness inspection of the phone's midplate, internal edge size inspection of the phone's midframe, foreign object and flatness inspection in the phone battery compartment, inspection of auxiliary materials inside the phone, adhesive path inspection in the midframe, external appearance inspection of the midframe.

Camera Module:Height difference inspection of the camera module, height difference inspection between the camera and the metal step.

PCB:Inspection for the presence/absence, missing or incorrect components, floating height detection, soldering quality inspection, and measurement of the height of plug-in pins.

Battery:Weld point inspection, external appearance inspection of flexible batteries.

Metal Parts:Inspection of planarity, gaps, and height differences.

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GTS series 3D laser profilerOI-SMART VISION Universal Software Platform

Maximum scanning frequency of 47KHz;

Provides 2048 data points per profile;

Z-axis repeatability accuracy up to 0.1µm;

IP67 protection rating.

Thousands of operators at your disposal;

Simple operations for quick workflow setup;

Supports customization of specialized software based on the platform.