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Tires are the only parts of a vehicle that come into contact with the ground, affecting the vehicle's handling, comfort, and safety. OiSmart has deeply cultivated the tire manufacturing field, integrating 3D vision inspection technology closely with tire production processes. Specifically designed for various tire production stages such as extrusion, bead wire, cutting, molding, and vulcanization, they have independently developed a series of vision inspection solutions. With a profound understanding of tire production processes, customer focal points, and years of onsite project experience, OiSmart has developed a series of standard equipment using their proprietary 3D sensors and 3D vision software platform as the core. This equipment can be rapidly deployed and used by companies, while also offering highly flexible customized solutions based on the company's budget and production realities. This comprehensively meets various tire inspection needs, helping tire manufacturing enterprises reduce production costs, enhance automation levels, and optimize quality management.

Wheel Hub Inner Diameter InspectionWheel hub inner diameter inspection
Industury Challenges and Needs

The hub's center hole is the connection point between the hub and the axle, where the processing diameter and roundness directly affect whether the wheel's geometric center can align with the hub's geometric center, playing a crucial role in the vehicle's stability and safety. In hub production, the small and deep nature of the center hole, along with limited space and the tendency for residues like coolant and metal shavings to remain after CNC machining, presents significant challenges for precise measurement. Current inspection solutions struggle to efficiently and accurately measure these critical dimensions.


Based on the principle of laser triangulation measurement, a in-house developed high-speed 3D camera, combined with a line laser, enables fast, non-destructive, high-precision, and comprehensive online inspection of the hub's center hole diameter and width. This approach effectively monitors the actual machining of the hub's center hole by the cutting tools in the machining center during production, significantly improving inspection efficiency while greatly reducing manual inspection costs.

Measurement Details

Center hole diameter, roundness,total height/ perpendicularity.


Point Cloud Image

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  • Custom Optical Path

    Designed within narrow equipment spaces, this setup constructs a laser triangulation optical path perfectly suited for small aperture measurement scenarios.

  • Strong Anti-interference

    with algorithms developed to fit cylindrical shapes and remove production environment interferences such as oil, metal shavings, and deformities, further enhancing measurement precision.

  • High Precision

    The system achieves micron-level accuracy, with ±20μm in conditions of surface contamination by metal shavings and oil, and up to ±5μm on clean surfaces.

  • Fast Inspection Speed

    It can complete a cycle in 5 seconds for a 1cm measurement width, easily meeting production pace requirements.

  • Customizable Content

    Accompanying software supports user customization of measurement areas and detection types, including setting detection width or inner diameter for each area.

In-house developed Inner Diameter Inspection DeviceInner Diameter Inspection Software based on Oi-Smart Vision
Developed specifically for inner diameter measurement scenarios, this device addresses the challenges of limited measurement space and impurity interference, achieving micron-level accuracy and fast-paced online inspection.The software features a clear interface, allowing easy access to key functions with simple operations.