Rubber& Tire

Tires are the only parts of a vehicle that come into contact with the ground, affecting the vehicle's handling, comfort, and safety. OiSmart has deeply cultivated the tire manufacturing field, integrating 3D vision inspection technology closely with tire production processes. Specifically designed for various tire production stages such as extrusion, bead wire, cutting, molding, and vulcanization, they have independently developed a series of vision inspection solutions. With a profound understanding of tire production processes, customer focal points, and years of onsite project experience, OiSmart has developed a series of standard equipment using their proprietary 3D sensors and 3D vision software platform as the core. This equipment can be rapidly deployed and used by companies, while also offering highly flexible customized solutions based on the company's budget and production realities. This comprehensively meets various tire inspection needs, helping tire manufacturing enterprises reduce production costs, enhance automation levels, and optimize quality management.


Industry Challenges and Needs

The triangular rubber strip in the bead area is a key filler in tires, supporting the sidewall and providing a smooth transition, enhancing driving stability, steering, and comfort. As a filler material above the steel bead, the triangular rubber plays a crucial role in cushioning impacts and preventing air ingress during molding. Even minor dimensional changes can compromise the seal between the triangular rubber and the steel bead, significantly affecting the quality and lifespan of the finished tire, as well as reducing comfort during driving.


The Omni series, developed specifically for objects with strong light absorption, irregular shapes, and variable thickness, overcomes the limitations of traditional 2D vision inspection. It operates independently of lighting conditions and material properties, enabling efficient and precise continuous monitoring of the triangular rubber.Based on the principle of laser triangulation, the Omni series employs multiple sensors and line lasers to form an optical measurement module that provides real-time, multi-angle accurate measurements of the object. Through specialized algorithms, it merges sectional profiles captured by each sensor into a complete profile, achieving precise online measurement of surface contours and detecting minute defects.

  • Purpose-built

    Multi-camera integrated measurement modules and profile stitching algorithms require no technical expertise. Users can simply deploy to obtain real-time product profile data.

  • Timeliness

    100% online measurement synchronized with production tempo enables real-time profile data monitoring and defect alerts.

  • Precision

    With minimum 0.125mm sampling interval from proprietary high-speed cameras, even tiny flaws can be clearly distinguished.

  • Flexibility

    Multiple product sizes and inspection needs can be addressed by various models, allowing profile measurement and defect detection with the same device.

OMNI Series Inspection EquipmentOMNI Companion Software developed on the Oi-Smart Vision 

Combining 3D line laser technology with multi-camera collaboration, this equipment solves the challenge of measuring irregularly shaped products.

Features a graphical interface for easy one-click start or stop of inspections. All scanning images, measurement/detection results, and error messages are displayed in real time and with clarity.