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  • Introduction to software platform
    Based on years of accumulation in the field of algorithm technology, optical image intelligence encapsulates thousands of visual processing operators with strong versatility and function, and forms a powerful visual analysis platform Oi-Smart Vision. The software platform has high integration, rich functions, friendly user interface and stability. It can provide omni-directional visual support such as geometric feature location, inspection and recognition, measurement and so on.
    Software platform characteristics

    1. software is versatile.
    1) compatible with multiple operating systems.
    2) a visual analysis tool library that can be flexibly configured.

    2. friendly interface
    1) user interface is centered on images without coding.
    2) the icon is simple and easy to understand.

    3. simple operation
    1) no installation, clicking and running of the system.
    2) quickly create workflow through simple drag and drop.
    4. intelligent programming, short development time.
    1) support multiple acquisition devices.
    2) support motion control.
    Introduction to software functions
    1. image analysis tools

    1) set up various shape constituencies on the image and conduct targeted regional image analysis.
    2) quickly acquire the contour, speckle and spacing characteristics of the image, and analyze the feature information.
    3) choose the image template to realize the contrast analysis between the detected image and the target image.

    2. identification tool
    1) define the image template, and implement image recognition through feature matching such as grayscale and gradient.

    First article text 
    3. measuring tools
    1) 3D measurement of images (x, y, Z axis) to get comprehensive information collection. Conditions, branches, loops, threads and other instructions can accomplish complex programs well.
    2) accurately measure geometric characteristics such as shape, size, area, distance, angle and intersection point.

      Workpiece inspection                                            Copper chip dent detection
    4. logic tools
    1) conditions, branches, loops, threads and other instructions, can be a good completion of complex procedures.

    Software interface
    5. communication tools
    1)  setting up configuration items and parameters for the rich I/O interface, supporting serial communication and Ethernet communication.

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