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    1. System description


    In order to collect from the object under test is more accurate and comprehensive visual information provided to algorithm analysis, from 360 ° profile detection system for comprehensive treatment of measured object information collection, eliminate detection blind Angle.The system obtained thousands of data points around the surface contour, and extracted and matched the key measurement parameters such as width, thickness, gap, radius and Angle.



    2.Innovative technologies


    A. The self-developed laser extraction algorithm can adapt to different lighting environments, make reliable measurements of objects of different materials, and reduce the production cost of equipment

    B. The self-developed software platform, based on the underlying software development, ensures the efficiency of software operation and provides deep free customization.

    C. Adopt multilateral camera detection technology, select the appropriate number of cameras to obtain image information for different object shape features, and eliminate detection dead Angle.

    D. The self-developed calibration process can calibrate multiple cameras simultaneously to accurately piece together the complete 360-degree contour of the object under test.



    3. System features


    A. comprehensive detection, realize to be 360 ° no dead corner of an overall inspection of the goods, to avoid the possibility of any defect and did not check.

    B. Highly automatic, which can cooperate with the automatic production line to realize the assembly line, and distinguish the products that do not conform to product quality.

    C. Data record, data statistics and records of the items checked each time whether they conform to the specifications.

    D. The size is unlimited, and the system is suitable for the items to be tested in standard sizes, but also for items of almost all sizes and shapes.

    E. The measuring resolution reaches 0.05mm(repeatability, accuracy to be verified).

    F. can extract up to 15(to be verified) profiles per second.

    G. Provide a variety of general measurement tools, allowing users to customize the measurement process and flexibly adapt to users' measurement needs.

    H. Provide a simple and easy-to-use calibration tool to calibrate the equipment according to the actual setting deviation of the machine in the production line, so as to ensure the accuracy of cross-section extraction.

    I. The device can be rotated to install and dismantle the device without interrupting production. Users can customize the default direction of detection contour according to the shape features of the object under test.

    J. It can measure the uniform running product or connect the encoder to measure the uneven running product.

    K. Reliable industrial camera, industrial laser and equipment are adopted for splash prevention, which can adapt to the noisy environment in industrial production.

    4.Actual effect

    5.Application scenarios

    6. Product parameters

    Inspection Data
    Z-resolution 0.05mm
    X-resolution 0.05mm
    Rate 15 profile/s
    Size 20mm-90mm

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