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    Suzhou Oi-Smart Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, located in the National University Science Park of Nanotechnology in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a technological innovative enterprise focusing on providing 3D machine vision inspection services and providing complete customized visual solutions for industrial customers.
    The research and application of optical graphic intelligence in vision technology, such as three-dimensional laser scanning, three-dimensional high-precision measurement, three-dimensional 360 degree contour scanning and random grabbing, are in the leading level in China. And actively cooperate with professional visual inspection companies and research institutes in the United States, Germany, Japan and Switzerland, and constantly integrate the world's leading visual technology. At the same time of continuously improving the technical level of the company's products, innovation has become the leading supplier in the field of optical image machine vision inspection in China. It has rich experience and practical cases in foundry, rubber, automobile, electronics and wood industries.

    At the research level, optical graphics has become a complete technical system from visual algorithm library, platform software system architecture to bottom hardware circuit design; at the production level, optical graphics strictly control the purchase, production and assembly of hardware materials; at the software, hardware and automation equipment development level, optical graphics provides interactive and friendly. Platform vision system supports user's subsequent customized upgrade, customized development of embedded software system, and continuous intelligent manufacturing service support.

    Company Culture

    A. mission: precision production, innovation power.
    B. slogan: more efficient, more precise and intelligent.
    C. values: quality first, excellence and innovation.
    D. vision: to build the leading industry in the world and the world's first-class manufacturer of AI detection equipment.

    Team Introduction

    Oi-Smart has been committed to the research and development and innovation of visual image software technology. There are two R&D centers in Suzhou and Guangzhou. It has a first-class R&D team with rich R&D experience from famous universities such as Nanda, Fudan, Zhejiang University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Xijiao University and Shandong University. The company actively cooperates with professional image organizations in Europe and the United States, integrates the leading international technology, and continuously improves the technical level of optical image series detection system.


    Industry application


    Rubber (tyre, etc.)

    1. belt and tread thickness measurement.
    2. band gaps and lap joints.
    3. PA gap and lap
    4. surface profile scanning
    5. tire reading code


    1. shell size detection
    2. solder defect detection
    3. measurement of minor structural dimensions of components
    4. chip needle angle coplanar inspection
    5. PCB plate warpage measurement
    6. component assembly height difference
    7. battery flatness check


    1. sand core detection
    2. wheel hub inspection



    1. product aperture
    2. point glue test
    3. material testing
    4. defect detection
    5. mobile phone shell detection
    6. solder joint detection

    In addition to the above main rubber industry, electronics industry, foundry industry and automotive industry testing, optical graphic intelligence also involves household appliances industry, packaging industry and other fields of testing.

    Research Achievements

    Core customer


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